CNRS is a public organization under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Education and Research. Its mission is to contribute to the application and promotion of research results, to develop scientific information and to support research training. As the largest fundamental research organization in Europe, CNRS carries out research in all fields of knowledge, through its different institutes and laboratories.

For this proposal CNRS is represented by ICube (Institut d’Électronique du Solide et des Systèmes), which is a joint laboratory between CNRS and University of Strasbourg. The research activities carried out at ICube extend from solid state electronics to electronics of systems. The different topics concern materials and nanotechnologies for electronics, materials and concepts for photovoltaics, instrumentations and microsystems. ICUBE offers training of researcher staff from other universities on materials/devices for inorgnaic and organic photovoltaics. Training in these fields is also open to students at Master level.

In the MEDSOL project, CNRS-ICUBE will be involved in the training of the staff and students in the field of inorganic and organic photovoltaics, from materials synthesis to the mini-module fabrication. Indeed, the laboratory has the appropriate facilities and the expertise to carry out these training. The photovoltaic group of the lab has an international reputation, and the team was involved in many national, European and Inernational collaborations in this field. A. Slaoui, who is the scientific in charge within this project, is also the coordinator of EUROSUNMED, FP7 project, which involve many exchanges and training between EU institutions/SMEs and Moroccan and Egyptian counterparts. Several professors/post-doc/students were trained in the lab. The trainers coming in the frame of ERASMUS+ will be able to carry out experiments in close collaboration with ICUBE staff, to give and attend seminars and meetings group.

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