Coopérnico is a Portuguese renewable energy cooperative that combines its sustainability oriented and social nature with the support of solidarity, education and environmental protection projects. Coopérnico’s mission is to engage citizens and companies in the creation of a new energetic, economic and social paradigm that benefits both society and the environment: renewable, efficient, fair and decentralized.

Coopérnico has 3 main activity areas: renewable energy production, energy efficiency and commercialization (retail). Currently, Coopérnico has over 350 members who have already invested in a total of seven RES projects (so far). All of these projects create environmental, economic and social value – the first for obvious reasons, the second because they are profitable projects and members get a reasonable return on investment and the latter through direct collaboration with educational or social economic organizations – and represent a rupture with the traditional models used for the promotion of RES projects in Portugal. Other relevant part of the REScoop’s activity is the promotion of best practices in energy use to our members, implemented via services offered by the cooperative to its members (electricity invoice analysis, monitoring, audits and recommendations).

From May 2015, Coopérnico has started to commercialize green electricity, becoming also the first cooperative to do it in Portugal. With this process –called the green energy revolution by the cooperative members – the cooperative invites everyone to engage in the creation of a more sustainable future by using green electricity in their houses or companies.

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