Helwan University (HU) was founded in the year 1975 and is considered as one of the large Universities in Egypt (more than 110.000 students, and 5000 faculty members) with 20 Faculties and 50 research centers and productive units. HU has strong ties with industry. Being within the heart of an industrial community, HU is considered a unique model among Egyptian universities. HU international linkages include more than 40 agreements of cooperation and partnership with universities and other institutions in the U.S., Europe, and Arab countries. The Faculty of Engineering was built by Germany 1960 according to the German standards. Many of the faculty professors have received their PhD from Foreign Universities. The Faculty of Engineering at Helwan serves 5000 undergraduate students and over 100 postgraduate students. The faculty supports the community development and environmental affairs through consultations and direct link with neighbouring industry

HU has participated in many relevant projects such as Multipurpose Applications by Thermodynamic Solar MATS, CSP Prototype for 1MW Electricity Generation and Water Desalination, 22M Euro FP7 fund, and STS-MED Small scale thermal district units for Mediterranean communities, 5 M Euro, EU-ENPI program, SUNWATER, 400K Euro, RDI fund. EUROSUNMED- Europe Mediterranean Cooperation on Research & Training in Sun Based Renewable Energies, EC-FP7, 6.3 M Euro, 22M Euro FP7 fund. Helwan participated in the study group organized by EASAC (the European Academies Science Advisory Council). Strengthening Capacities of South-Mediterranean Higher Education Institutions in the

This group developed a report on the potential opportunities for collaboration on the science and implementation of Concentrating Solar Power CSP for the Europeans’s policy makers. HU also participated in STDF and MOT funded projects such as: Egyptian Wind Farm Analysis Integrated with GIS Site Selection and Support and Frequency monitoring using FDR on smart grid.

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