MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy), which was effectively set up in March 2010, is a limited company with public funding, and which was created by for the implementation of the integrated Moroccan Solar Plan (MSP) and the promotion of solar resources in every aspect.

MASEN has three main missions: develop solar power plants, contribute to the development of a national expertise and be a force of proposition on the regional and international plans. Beyond mere energy production, the Moroccan solar plan also aims to:

-Endow the country with a competitive industrial network apt to maximize the local industrial integration related to the development of solar power plants;

– Promote research and development to control and improve the technologies; and

-Develop specialized training schemes in order to meet the various needs of the sector.

The plan thus materializes the ambition to develop segments on a social and economic basis, in the area of renewable energies and to ensure sustainable green growth over the medium term.

In addition to the execution of these tasks, Masen has also the mission of carrying out an effective solar technological transfer towards Moroccan industries, universities, research centers and human resources. Masen is a founding member of the Moroccan “Solar Cluster” which gathers academic, research, industrial and associative solar actors.

Masen is also:

• Member of the FP7 project EUROSUNMED (,

• Member of the H2020 projects RESLAG (kickoff Sep. 2015) and WASCOP (kickoff Jan. 2016)

• Mmember of the Executive Committee of the SolarPACES Project (

• Part of the Organizing Committee of the International conference IRSEC (

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