OneraSystems is a large-scale enterprise focusing on providing clean, efficient and reliable energy by providing integrated solutions for solar energy, fuel cells and wind turbines. It is a joint-stock company with over 20 years experience in the field of renewable energy. It is active in Egypt, North Africa, Middle East and some regions in Africa. ONERA has over 200 highly skilled employees and more than 2000 operational sites.

The mission of OneraSystems is to develop and realize renewable energy projects regionally and internationally, with an important commitment to its shareholders, customers, employees and the community at large. The activities are backed by continuous R&D efforts in the field. ONERA has adopted certification for the design, manufacture, inspection, supply, management, documentation, installation and commissioning of solar systems, power supply systems, batteries, obstruction lights, civil works and steel structures, passive cooling shelters and enclosures. Its goal is to become recognized as a leader in the advancement of renewable, green economy and to contribute to creating clean, environmentally friendly essential energy from imperishable natural sources.

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