The Public University of Navarre (UPNA) was created in 1987 and is a modern and active institution in the Spanish university context. UPNA is in the leading group of Spanish universities in teaching, research and technology transfer, located in the first third of the Ranking ISSUE 2014, BBVA-IVIE. Its academic activity is developed in the areas of engineering, health sciences and human and social sciences. UPNA has 6 schools/faculties, three research institutes with more than 100 research groups, around 8,500 students, 850 lecturers, 500 non-academic staff and 22 degree and 30 master programs.

The Public University of Navarre is the home of the Group 9 of Universities (G-9), whose Shared Virtual Campus is the largest interuniversity on-line campus of Spain, both in number of enrolment (around 6,400) as in the subjects available (around 90), in recent years. Moreover, along with the universities of Zaragoza, Lérida and La Rioja, the Public University of Navarre forms the Campus Iberus, as a Campus of International Excellence (CEI). This project is focused in the development of technology to improve quality of life (health technology, energy and environment). In addition, the Campus Iberus has also created a Cross-border Campus with the French universities of Toulouse and Pau in the EBRoS project (European Bioregion of Science) Western Pyrenees.

Moreover, in order to boost the ties with the business and social fabric, the Public University of Navarre though the University Society Foundation has signed agreements with more than 400 institutions and social and business organizations that have hosted our students in professional practice programs. A relevant example of collaboration with the industrial sector is the Chair in Renewable Energy, an initiative launched by four leading companies and a research centre in the field of renewable energy (GAMESA, INGETEAM, ACCIONA ENERGY, ACCIONA WINDPOWER and CENER) that develops R&D projects in collaboration with the UPNA School of Engineering and hosts MSc and PhD students that carry out their thesis work within these companies.

In regard to internationalization, during the last academic year, around 350 students (4.5% of the total) carried out part of their studies at universities in over 50 countries worldwide. Meanwhile, the Public University of Navarre annually receives approximately 200 foreign students. These data place the University in a remarkable position among all Spanish universities with the highest level of international mobility. It is also worth mentioning that the 26% of our graduates in the academic year 2012-13 participated in mobility programmes.

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