Universidade de Lisboa is a reference in higher education and R&D in Portugal. It was created in July 2013, as a result of the merger of Universidade Técnica de Lisboa and Universidade de Lisboa (tracing its origins to the establishment of the Portuguese University in 1290). Universidade de Lisboa has 18 schools and over 100 research units, approximately 50,000 students, 4.000 lecturers, 2.500 non-academic staff and 400 degree courses.

Teaching, research, science, technology and innovation are the core business of Universidade de Lisboa. It awards 1st cycle and 2nd cycle degrees, as well as 3rd cycle Degrees (Doctor) in basic science such as Physics and Chemistry, but also in engineering such as Electronic and Civil Engineering. Universidade de Lisboa also offers strongly interdisciplinary areas in nature and cut across different fields of engineering, science, technology and architecture. Examples of these offers are the Integrated Master on Energy and Environment Engineering, and PhD programs on Sustainable Energy Systems or Energy and Sustainable Development, linking Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Economics with Built Environment or Energy Planning.

It also has alternative offerings, such as programs for continuing education, postgraduate studies and specialization courses aimed at meeting the training demands of emerging labour markets, at boosting economic competitiveness and promoting innovation.

The Universidade de Lisboa will act as an active Programme Country HEI partner within the consortium, providing a broad expertise in the field of solar energy, and especially photovoltaics. Their contribution to the MEDSOL project will be particularly relevant in the following areas:

– Organizing the Kick-off meeting and a site visit in the ULisboa premises

– Providing expertise on state-of-the-art solar energy curriculum, teaching methods and laboratory equipment.

– Hosting staff and students from Partner Country HEIs during their mobility periods

– Ensuring dissemination of project results, in collaboration with local companies, R&D centres and industrial organisations.

– Developing Double Master Degrees and other long-term actions with the project partners.

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